Malting Consultancy and Design Services

In response to many requests from customers, Malting Box / CLP have formally introduced a range of specialised consulting, design, audit and review services to complement the engineering and fabrication of our existing range of malting machines and bespoke systems.

An overview of these great value-for-money services follows but please feel free to contact us if your project does not fit perfectly within this framework – we are very happy to develop something that will work for you.


Independent Design and Issues Review (New and Refurbished Craft Maltings)

Drawing on over 30 years of ‘hands-on’ experience in malting, allied to our leading edge technological capabilities, we offer independent advice on how to resolve the key issues you might face in establishing or refurbishing your maltings.   From building design to machine choice and positioning (plus assistance with sizing and costing according to your business plan), we can support internal teams, trouble-shoot specific problems and provide a tailored, independent review of your plans to date or advice on how to resolve a specific technical problem.

This service is especially popular with customers who wish to floor malt or use other traditional methods and is often combined with design and build of non-standard-size or specification steeps and kilns (see below).


Design (and Build) of Bespoke Machines and / or Controls

Our standard range of malting machines includes the world-famous Micromaltings and modular Pilot and Craft systems with scaleable batch sizes of 50kg, 150kg, 250kg and 1250kg.   We are currently working on designs for 2500 and 5000kg systems.    However, many of our customers – particularly brewers and distillers – have different requirements.

From 100kg batches to all-in-one systems, over-sized steeps and brick kilns operated using our unparalleled control systems, we can design and build to your individual specification.   Control systems can also be designed to be retro-fitted to existing machines or processes, as can other automation.   Recent bespoke projects include a small-scale bottling machine and specially manufactured small deculmer.

Facility and Process Audit

Our independent audits are tailored specifically to individual requirements.   We agree a detailed specification and scope before commencing work to ensure no surprises (on either side!)   We often include some or all of the following:

  • Layout – buildings and machinery
  • Grain loads and movement, including input and output to the maltings
  • Machine design and control systems
  • Energy and water usage
  • Cleaning and drainage
  • Areas for potential automation
  • Information collection and analysis
  • Health and safety concerns
  • Issues potentially affecting malt quality


Production and Business Support

We are passionate about building the craft malting industry worldwide.   One of the key factors in the growth of this industry is the ability to produce local speciality malts at a consistent level of quality and volume.

We support this movement and provide professional assistance in the following ways:

  • Micromalting of barley samples to advise on the most effective malting recipes
  • Pilot malting studies to test both malting recipes and process impact
  • Product traceability to aid ‘field to glass’ concept (coming soon)
  • Issues relating to storage
  • Liaison with end-users (brewers, distillers etc) on their requirements and on how to design/achieve particular recipes
  • Support for local malting co-operatives, including business model design and establishment of quality standards and marketing organisations


Mashing Bath Refurbishment

Rather than spending up to £40,000 on a brand new mashing bath when yours is no longer performing, Custom Laboratory Products Ltd can offer you a refurbished and updated model for a fraction of the price, with virtually no waiting time.

Key advantages of this service include:

  • Improved efficiency and ease of use with the introduction of more up to date technology
  • Complete aesthetic make-over
  • Greater range of options and variables for programming
  • Fully automated running

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Installation, Training and Accessories

When you buy our equipment, we provide a full package of support, tailored to your needs and your budget.   We make sure you are totally confident in the operation of the machines themselves but also in the production of high quality malt – consistently. We promise that we won’t leave your premises until you are completely happy – and then we’re just a phone call away if you need us.

Additionally, we can produce a full range of sample pots and other accessories for your existing equipment.  Items can be constructed to your precise specification or we can determine the specifiation from an existing item.

Malting Box

One of the truly remarkable phenomena of the last few years has been the world-wide growth of the craft brewing and distilling industries. Recognising the need for a craft malting industry to support them, CLP created our Malting Box brand to offer a wide range of services and machines to support the movement.

From pilot malting to test recipes and help establish new, local markets; to assistance with developing business models for local malting co-operatives; to a unique range of malting machines, Malting Box  is there to help.

Discover more at Malting Box.