At CLP, our world-wide reputation has been built on the design and manufacture of machines of the highest quality, often to meet a very specific customer requirement.
Our world-famous Micromaltings are generally acknowledged to be the finest available and are to be found in the laboratories of most major brewers, distillers and malting houses.

Our pilot malting plants are fast gaining a similar reputation – offering unparalleled control and automation of larger batches (currently ranging from 50kg 150kg and 250kg up to 1250kg).   We are now designing a range of larger machines (2500kg and 5000kg) which will be made available to craft maltsters under the Malting Box brand.

We have always been very pleased to design and manufacture bespoke machines to meet individual customer needs and some of our recent projects include a nebuliser for ozonated water delivery; a bespoke filter skid for an experimental brewery, a small-scale bottling plant and a bespoke deculmer.

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