About CLP

CLP has a reputation world-wide for the design and build of micro-malting machines (micromaltings).  We have been in this market for 30 years – supplying major brewers and distillers such as SABMiller and Diageo; the largest malting companies in the world, like Simpsons, Bairds, Crisp, and Muntons; and many universities and other research establishments, such as Wageningen in Holland, Nottingham and Heriot Watt Universities in the UK and the University of Life Sciences in Norway.

We have designed and built bespoke machines for a wide variety of customers including Rolls Royce and SABMiller.

Our craft malting machines take the tried and tested control systems from our micro-maltings and incorporate them into best-in-class designs for each part of the malting process on a larger scale.   All of our experience (and this is supported by world-famous competitors such as Chris Garratt of Warminster Maltings) indicates that separate machines for steeping, germinating and kilning are the right design for these larger machines – just as we separate steeping and germinating from kilning in our micromaltings.   This allows us not only to optimise each part of the overall process but also to use our design capabilities to build-in specific modifications for individual customers and environmental situations

Our people are all either well known in this industry or have enjoyed excellent reputations and considerable success in other fields before joining the company.

Our history


Hugh and Jane began working on malting machines. First machines created – steeps for JP Simpson. Included first programmable controls in the industry


First kilns built – again for JP Simpson. Many of the features of this machine are still used today and the kiln is still in operation


A steep/germinator made for a Scottish distillery, together with a modified kin. First machines to include a PC link to extract data about the process


First automated mashing bath developed for the UK, then exported to the USA


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CLP formed officially. First examples of machines all linked to a single network


First machines built for Scottish Crop research


First mashing bath refurbishment. Other automated systems built for a variety of commercial and public sector organisations, based on our expertise in microprocessors


Further US exports and first ever remote servicing and trouble-shooting via the internet


Machines built for Heriot Watt University


First machines built with automatic turning (for Asahi in Japan)


Further work for Asahi led to finalisation of all designs currently in use today


Diageo place major orders


Machines built for Nottingham University


First exports to Uruguay and further work in the USA




European export market grows with sales into italy




Delivered three single tank mash tuns to Nestle and also to supplied mash tuns to Switzerland and Singapore


Delivered Micromalting system to Client in Switzerland and then a thermal heat exchanger in 2011


More sales in South America


Delivering Micromalting Machines to clients in Singapore


CLP purchased by the Marles Family


CLP delivered Micro Malting systems to Crisp, LATU in Uruguay and UMB in Norway


CLP delivered the New Generation of Micro Malting System to SWRI


CLP delivered a New Generation SG to Diageo


CLP delivered a refurbished Mashing Bath and designed a Deculmer unit for LATU in Uruguay


CLP delivered the New Refurbished Design of Mashing Bath to Bairds Malt


CLP delivers a New Generation of Micro Malting System to Dalian XIngze Malting in China


CLP is delivering the New Generation of Micro Malting System to SABMiller in South Africa